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  • 16-12-2019
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The company Jihozápadní dřevařská a.s. was selected in 2019 on the basis of its economic results for the renowned competition Pikes of Czech Business.


The “Pikes of Czech Business” award has been an objective comparison of the successes of Czech companies across sectors for 16 years and is an important source of information for all entrepreneurs.


In the Pilsen Region, the company Jihozápadní dřevařská a.s. placed on a beautiful tenth place and it should be noted as the only representative of forestry companies in individual regions of the Czech Republic.


The evaluation criteria give small and big companies a chance. Emphasis is placed on growth and stability. The size of the company, the number of employees, the amount of capital do not play a role.

The Czech Pikes ranking includes companies based in the Czech Republic, which had a turnover of more than EUR 10 million in the last year and at the same time met two basic qualification criteria: they had at least one positive economic result in the evaluated three-year period and proved their ability to meet their obligations. The decisive factor for the placement itself is the CIC Index 1000, which is calculated on the basis of five economic criteria:

  • increase in turnover,
  • ROE (after-tax profit / equity ratio),
  • ROA (ratio of profit after tax to total assets),
  • current liquidity,
  • debt ratios.